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Stop Struggling to Fill Your Asset Management Roles

If you are struggling to fill your SAM vacancies, then take a look at your job ad, your expectations, and your recruitment processes.

If you want to find and attract the right candidates for your right SAM role, and reduce the cycle of firing and hiring, then please comment below or DM me.


Who are we?

Individually, we are an eclectic group of SAM professionals with a combined sixty-years of experience, a broad range of backgrounds, and each of us has developed unique SAM specialties in an already niche marketplace.


Organisations miss opportunities for hiring qualified contractors and permanent personnel because their search ads don’t adequately describe the position and don’t have a clear sense of the goals.

This costs time, resources, and budget, and you continue to fall behind your SAM goals.


What is the problem?

Your SAM requirements need a new approach. That’s why you decided to hire someone to refresh your SAM program. But have you considered your new hire will interpret your organisations’ needs and goals? Have you established where you and your company are on their SAM Journey and where you want your new team member to take it?

Over the last eight years I have seen a large number of job descriptions that don’t accurately describe the role, and perfect applicants who don’t get interviewed.

Describing the SAM role and deciding what skill set a new employee should have isn’t something everyone can do. After all, we aren’t all SAM experts.

The ITAM Review’s recently published Skills and Salary Survey shows that it is taking longer to fill SAM/ ITAM vacancies. Evidence suggests that this is because the SAM discipline isn’t being properly presented to HR.

A company needs to assess where its  SAM program is and where it wishes to be, and bear in mind that different people are more suited for different stages of a SAM program. Without guided due-diligence, this can turn your draft job description into a wish list, rather than carefully constructed advertisements for the required roles.

Where do we help?

We work with you to assess your organisation, your current SAM roles and goals, and to get a picture of where you are and where you are hoping to go.

Our process starts with you, then your organisation, then your SAM program, then the vacancy you want to fill.

  • How does your vacancy compare to the market?
  • How does the overall package compare to other similar organisations?
  • What skillsets are you looking for?

SAM is a journey, choose the right travel partner.

  • Do you have a SAM vision or a good understanding of the direction you are going in?
  • Can you categorically state that you understand your current tooling, requirements, processes and realistic objectives for your new specialist and when they will have a positive impact?

 After the analysis comes the job description

From the analysis, we can determine where you are in the SAM journey and the functions you are expecting the person to carry out.

You now have your job specification, you have compared the package you are offering to industry peers and the ITAM Review Salary and Skills survey, your vacancy is live, and agencies get hold of it.

There is a high likelihood that your current capabilities, with fine tuning, could be far more capable than you currently are aware of. Our team work closely with all the SAM management tooling providers and could deliver an optimised set of actions that will:

  • Tailor your hiring requirements to the correct applicant profiles
  • Reduce your spend on unnecessary capability duplication
  • Suggest alternative hiring strategies to bring you the right resources in each phase of your SAM maturity
  • Provide you with access to industry best practice professionals to check your decisions
  • Reduce risk, cost, and current resource constraints
  • Right-size future training requirements to support your SAM vision/ direction

CV Profiling

You have a great description and an understanding of expectations; the next step is to assess the CVs that cross your desk.

Interview Assistance

If you were recruiting a rocket scientist, would you know how to evaluate the skills of someone who designed a lunar module or a booster rocket? Not very unlikely.  But, a lot of interviewers end up evaluating skills they don’t understand.

  • Tier 1 vendor experience – how do you effectively measure the experience of an applicant?
  • Toolset experience – while it may save time and money to hire applicants who know your tools, consider the skills and knowledge that are essential for your role. Finding a technical person (e.g. database administration and network experience) who also has licensing knowledge / experience is a rare in the SAM sector.
  • Expectations of the role – is this an operations role or strategic role?

If you have a vacancy and would like to review the job description and your company requirements, or compare applicant CVs to your job description, please get in touch.

The Offer:

Using our unique methodology, we offer a range of services, bundled together to give you the best value for money


  • Where you are and where you want to be assessment
  • The role you are trying to fill and why – validating your job description for the role
  • Gap analysis – as part of the process, which includes two workshops to gather data and then later to present gap analysis and recommendations
  • Process toolkit. Included in all offerings, we complete a process assessment to establish what you already have in place and what you need – which may contribute to the job specification. The process kit then lets you hit the ground running with best-in-class documentation that can be customised to your unique SAM goals.


  • Job description writing
  • Sharing via social media – LinkedIn, Twitter, ITAM Review and ITAM Review Radio Show.  Shared twice across each platform.


  • All of the above
  • CV vetting up to 5
  • Interview process sit-in up to 3