We value the expectations of customers.  Customers who have invested considerable amounts in technology to automate Software / Hardware Asset Management functions, only to discover that you now manage a “cottage industry” to collect, manipulate and format data before loaded into expensive toolsets.   Toolsets which on the whole, were promised to do it all.

Whether or not the issue is with the toolset, the IT Structure or simply time, we intend to help you create the right environment so that you can achieve your objectives, deliverables, ROI and ultimately the promises you made your stakeholders.

How?  We have more experience of toolsets and methodologies – Tool vendors want to sell your technical solutions, Big Four consultancies don’t want to use technology they want to sell you hours.   Conflicts?   If you have a toolset we get it working properly, the way it was designed.

If you don’t have a toolset, then we can determine if you need one, you may not be ready yet.

If you are building a team, then we can help build the team with the right level of resource.

We like a challenge!